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Shoppers Drug Mart® Redefines How Canadians Manage Their Health

May 30, 2007

--New HealthWATCH® provides the most personalized healthcare

CALGARY, May 30 /CNW/ - Shoppers Drug Mart® has launched the new
HealthWATCH®, designed to give patients the most personalized health care
experience possible and allow them to better manage their health for their
life. This initiative, one of the Company's largest in recent years, signals a
bold new approach in the type of pharmacy service Canadians can expect from
one of their most trusted health care providers.
Designed with the benefit of extensive consumer research, the enhanced
HealthWATCH provides patients with innovative new tools and services that give
them more control over their health and offer individualized solutions that
respect their limited time. HealthWATCH also enables them to build a stronger
relationship with their pharmacist.
According to a recent Decima Research survey conducted on behalf of
Shoppers Drug Mart as part of the consumer research done, 86 per cent of
respondents take up to four medications per day and 64 per cent manage
medications for others. These and other findings from this survey were
released today at the unveiling of the new HealthWATCH in Calgary, Alberta.
The survey also found that 74 per cent of Canadians fail to keep a list
of their prescriptions; and that one in five respondents, or 20 per cent, have
forgotten when or how to take their medications. With the vast majority
(86 per cent) of Canadians between the ages of 25 and 75 using prescribed
medications, the new HealthWATCH redefines how community pharmacists can serve
the needs of these Canadian patients; enabling them to manage their health.
"Shoppers Drug Mart continues to lead community pharmacy in Canada with
the launch of the new HealthWATCH," said Virginia Cirocco, senior vice
president, Pharmacy, Shoppers Drug Mart. "Like all Shoppers Drug Mart
initiatives, this ground-breaking approach to pharmacy was developed after
extensive research with customers who told us they are looking for a better
method of managing their health in a meaningful way that respects their time
and allows them to have a strong relationship with their pharmacist. The new
HealthWATCH is our answer to that need."
With consumer research, patient interviews, survey results and pilot
programs from regions across the country, Shoppers Drug Mart developed four
key elements as part of the enhanced HealthWATCH - My File™, My Meds™,
Pharma Track™/Pharma Check™ and Med Ready™. These elements include
easy-to-use medication records, medication management tools and an automated
prescription refill service. Each tool and service is unique in its own right
and the impact of all four used together serves to make a positive difference
in how Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists help patients better manage their
Results of the Shoppers Drug Mart research indicated that today's
well-informed health care consumers feel their pharmacist, along with their
doctor, is the most trusted health care provider available with over 66 per
cent of those surveyed describing their pharmacist (and doctor) as their most
important source of health information. Shoppers Drug Mart patients value the
important role their HealthWATCH pharmacist plays in helping them manage their
own health and make informed decisions about their family's health and well
"Pharmacists are front-line health information providers and the enhanced
HealthWATCH gives me the tools I require to support my patients and give them
the information and resources they need and deserve," said Amanda Keefe,
pharmacist owner of a Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary, Alberta. "Shoppers Drug
Mart pharmacists use these proprietary new services to provide patients with
the personalized, detailed information we know they value. This gives them
more control over their health management and arms them with the information
they want and need to manage their medications and medical conditions."

The HealthWATCH Solution

My File
Over 64 per cent of patients currently taking prescription medications
are looking for an easier way to manage them. However, only 26 per cent of
respondents keep a list of their medications and only half of those have it
readily accessible in emergencies. Of the 18 per cent of respondents who keep
a list of the medications for themselves or people in their care, less than
40 per cent of them keep it readily accessible in their purse or wallet.
Hence, My File. My File is an easy-to-use, portable and accessible record of
allergies and medication history (new prescriptions and refills) that can be
updated each time a prescription is filled. It can be shared with the doctor,
used for ordering refills and when travelling.

Pharma Track/Pharma Check
Four in 10 Canadians feel they don't have enough information about their
medications, health conditions and treatments. Pharma Track has been designed
to give them more information - more often. On every new prescription, and
with some new refills, patients can expect information such as facts and tips
to help them reduce the risks of their condition. Another component of Pharma
Track is Pharma Check, a checklist of the work the pharmacist completes when
filling a prescription. This helps the patient understand their pharmacist's
role and provides them with the reassurance their prescription was filled
safely and accurately.

My Meds
Over 64 per cent of patients currently taking prescription meds are
looking for an easier way to manage them and feel safer by having correct
information. One in five respondents (20 per cent) forget how or when to take
their prescribed medications. My Meds was created to provide patients with a
simple, easy-to-use label system for those managing their own medications - or
those of others. My Meds helps patients identify medications quickly and
easily so they are taken safely and accurately.

Med Ready
Time is precious and Shoppers Drug Mart respects that. Med Ready was
created as a suite of services designed to make it more convenient to renew
and pick up prescriptions. Patients can better manage their time by using the
automatic prescription refill service either by telephone or online. When in
store, they receive a pager that alerts them when their prescription is ready,
allowing them time to do other things while they wait.

The enhanced Shoppers Drug Mart HealthWATCH, system is available in all
provinces except Quebec, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island.

National HealthWATCH Survey Methodology
Surveys were conducted using Decima's eVOX online research panel from
November 3, 2006 to November 10, 2006. Online surveys were completed among
1060 randomly selected Canadian households that are between the ages of 25 and
74, and have filled a prescription in the previous six months. Surveys were
conducted in English only and results were weighted to reflect internet users
by region, age and gender.

About Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is one of the most recognized and trusted
names in Canadian retailing. The Company is the licensor of full-service
retail drug stores operating under the name Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix®
in Québec). With 1,000 Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores operating in
prime locations in each province and two territories, the Company is one of
the most convenient retailers in Canada. The Company also owns and operates 59
Shoppers Home Health Care® stores, making it the largest Canadian retailer
of home health care products and services. In addition to the retail store
network the Company also owns MediSystem Technologies Inc., a provider of
pharmaceutical products and services to long-term care facilities in Ontario
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