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Anti-Aging Serum that's Creating a Frenzy in the UK and US Comes to Canada

Aug 7, 2007

Shoppers Drug Mart is Exclusive Supplier of Boots No7 Restore & Renew

TORONTO, Aug. 7 /CNW/ - The anti-aging serum that's getting major
international media buzz with line-ups at stores throughout the UK and the US
and waiting lists in Canada - has finally arrived in Canada.
Boots No7 Restore & Renew®, called No7 Protect & Perfect® in the UK,
is available exclusively in select Shoppers Drug Mart® stores across Canada.
"The frenzy over Boots No7 Protect & Perfect® began after a recent BBC
documentary in the UK called Horizon," says Morne Van Wyk, Vice President,
Corporate Brands, Shoppers Drug Mart. "Immediately following the program,
sales soared with one product sold every 1.3 seconds in that market."
The documentary examined the science behind cosmetics, particularly
products claiming to prevent and repair the signs of aging such as
pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. The program found that one product stood out
as actually beginning to repair the damage to the skin's structure -- Boots
No7 Protect & Perfect.
The North American equivalent, Boots No7 Restore & Renew, is available
exclusively at select Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada and Pharmaprix(MD)
stores in Quebec, and retails for $25. A small quantity of the beauty serum
was brought into Canada by Shoppers Drug Mart earlier this year but sold out
quickly. Canadians can log onto Shoppers Drug Mart's website
( and use the store locator to find the store nearest
them that carries the Boots cosmetics line.
For its program, BBC's Horizon approached a team of scientists at
Manchester University who were conducting research into skin-aging, especially
the effect of UV light on skin structures like fibrillin that provides the
skin with mechanical support. According to the program, the Dermatology
Department of the University of Manchester has been researching Tretinoin for
years. The Department was convinced that no over-the-counter anti-aging cream
could match the effectiveness of Tretinoin (the prescription drug retinoic
acid) until, according to the show, the Department was asked to investigate an
off-the-shelf product from Boots.
What they found was that a skin-firming and complexion-brightening serum,
Boots No7 Protect & Perfect, delivers visible results. Independent tests have
shown that the No7 product has an effect similar to retinoic acid - a
prescription-only treatment that's known to repair the signs of photo-aging.
Testing was carried out on volunteers by measuring levels of fibrillin
(one of the skin's proteins that are affected by UV damage to skin). The
Manchester team was actually able to see damaged skin structure repaired with
the serum. In tests carried out in everyday conditions, women who tried out
the product recognized an improvement in their own fine lines and wrinkles.
Boots' Skincare Scientific Advisor, Steve Barton says, "The complex in
the product addresses the different underlying problems with wrinkles -
reduced collagen production, increased collagen breakdown, and lost elastin.
The product's ingredients, specially chosen for their beneficial effects on
the skin, include among other things peptides that have been shown to increase
the levels of supporting collagen, and white lupin extract to reduce the
breakdown of collagen by enzymes."
The only difference between the UK and North American products, besides
the name, is a difference in the molecular structure of one ingredient that
does not change its action in the product. It is important to note that any
claims about the effect of the serum are based on the total formulation and
not on any one ingredient.
Boots No7® is the number one cosmetics and skincare brand in Britain,
with an estimated one in three women owning a No7 product. No7 Protect &
Perfect is sold out in the UK, and is now being produced hourly by the
thousands to keep up with consumer demand.
In Canada, Boots No7 Restore & Renew is available only at select Shoppers
Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores.

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