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This Allergy Season Canadians Don't Need to Sniffle in Silence

May 22, 2018

From uncovering mysterious causes to simplifying treatment options, pharmacists are a go-to authority on allergies

TORONTO, May 22, 2018 /CNW/ - Allergy season is here, and you don't need to tackle it alone. An estimated 1 in 4 Canadians are affected by allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and that number is rising.  Canadians don't need to suffer through the symptoms without help. Pharmacists offer convenient access to an expert authority on all things allergy.

"Many Canadians face 'aisle anxiety' in the allergy section of their pharmacy. There are so many options it's hard not to get overwhelmed," says Victor Wong, Shoppers Drug Mart owner and pharmacist. "That's what pharmacists are here for. If you need help understanding what's causing of your allergies or want to find out what lifestyle adjustments you can make so you can breathe easier, we are your first-line defense in the battle against allergies."

It's likely no surprise that seasonal allergies are typically trigged by environmental elements like mould, trees, grass and weed pollen.ii But, your pharmacist can dig deeper. For example, there are other factors that can make your allergy symptoms worse, including:

  1. Stress – Stress hormones can stimulate the production of blood proteins that cause allergic reactions. When under stress, we typically don't get enough sleep, and this can worsen both our stress reactions and allergy symptoms.iii

  2. Alcohol – Research shows the bacteria and yeast in alcohol produces histamines that cause allergy symptoms to flare up.ivv If battling seasonal allergies, try not to overdo it on the vino, as it could make matters worse!

  3. Chlorine – Swimming in an indoor chlorinated pool can wreak havoc on your system. Although it is used as a disinfectant, chlorinated water is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory Consider wearing goggles when exposed to chlorine to help prevent irritation.

Pharmacists are also an essential resource when selecting the right treatment for you. They can assess your symptoms and recommend over-the-counter options that will best meet your needs.

If your symptoms are more severe, pharmacists in British Columbia and Ontario can work with your doctor to help you access the right treatment. Pharmacists in all other provinces can prescribe for minor ailments, so if appropriate, they can write you a prescription for your allergies. 

They can also advise on how allergy treatments might interact with other medications or how your diet might impact how the medications work.

Don't tackle allergies alone. Ask your pharmacist.

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Notes to Editors: Pharmacists from across Canada are available for interviews to discuss allergy trends, as well as tips and tricks to make it through allergy season.


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