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Improving Patient Safety and Saving Health Care Dollars: Pharmacists Can Play Key Role in Reducing Drug Therapy Problems

Aug 26, 2014

New research report shows pharmacist medications reviews can help older Canadians manage multiple medications and avoid turning their treatments into a health risk

TORONTO, Aug. 26, 2014 /CNW/ - (TSX : L) – Canada's Premiers are gathering in Charlottetown for the latest Council of the Federation meeting starting on August 26, and health reform will likely be a key topic.  The pharmacy community urges provinces to consider further expanding pharmacists' role as they can make important contributions to improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and ensuring the sustainability of the health care system.  According to a new report from Shoppers Drug Mart and CARP, the Sustainable Solutions Report: A Focus on Pharmacist Medication Reviews, one way to make real change now is for governments to support improved access to medication reviews.

These one-on-one medication reviews with a pharmacist can help individuals gain a better understanding of their medications and avoid potential health risks.  These are particularly important since many aging adults are on multiple medications at once for various conditions – e.g., a new poll of CARP members found a third are currently taking four to five medications.i  This is worrying since being on numerous medications can increase the risk of drug therapy problems like adverse drug reactions (ADRs), negative drug interactions, improper dosing and medication adherence issues.

"This new report includes data demonstrating both the public and medical professionals see the value in pharmacists conducting medication reviews," says Domenic Pilla, President, Shoppers Drug Mart.  "Most of our provincial governments have begun to recognize the benefits and have instituted funding for this important pharmacy service.  We now have the opportunity to make the eligibility requirements and funding for this service more consistent across the entire country to improve patient care and safety."

The pharmacy community is calling on provincial governments to take a comprehensive and universal approach to the provision of medication reviews.  Where medication reviews are funded, which is eight out of 10 provinces, there are significant inconsistencies in the eligibility requirements necessary to have the consultation covered.  And, many individuals may not take advantage of medication reviews due to a low awareness of their availability.

What are Medication Reviews?
The goal of medication reviews is to ensure people use their medications safely, and to better identify and manage any concerns with how the patient takes their prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and natural health products.  The pharmacist walks through each of the medications, how to best take them (e.g., with food or at night), and discusses what side effects may occur and how to avoid them.

Why are Medication Reviews Important?
These reviews provide the opportunity to identify and prevent drug therapy problems, including ADRs and medication non-adherence issues.  A recent survey of Canadian family physicians found more than three quarters of them (79 per cent) believe expanding the role of pharmacists (including offering services like medication reviews) will have an impact on reducing the incidence of ADRs.ii  This is significant since cases of drug therapy problems are likely to increase as our population ages and more are faced with managing multiple chronic illnesses with numerous therapies.  Today, approximately five per cent of all emergency room visits and six per cent of all hospital stays are the result of ADRs.iii  And, medication non-adherence results in an annual cost of $7-9 billion to the health care system,iv and 125,000 unnecessary deaths per year.v

How can Access to Medication Reviews be Improved?
"This is an extremely important  issue for our members since many have been taking advantage of this service and they tell us it gives them peace of mind and helps them use their medication more effectively," says Ross Mayot, Vice-President and General Manager, CARP—A New Vision of Aging for Canada.  "We need to create a standard and consistent medication review program across the country to ensure that Canadians have the same access to care and safety no matter where they live."

Where medication reviews are funded, steps need to be taken to establish comprehensive and consistent eligibility criteria since they currently vary greatly by region.  For example, Alberta has one of the most comprehensive medication reviews programs – patients must have at least one chronic medical condition from a pre-defined list and be taking three or more prescription medications.  In contrast, British Columbia patients need to be taking five different qualifying medications, but may have two reviews per year.  Seniors from New Brunswick and PEI taking three or more prescription medications for chronic conditions are eligible for one medication review per year whereas, seniors from Saskatchewan must be taking five or more chronic disease medications to be eligible.  The Ontario program is available to any Ontarian taking three or more prescription medications for chronic conditions, and it also offers different assessments based on patient needs (e.g., at-home consultation, diabetes patients, etc.).

And finally, where medication reviews are available, there needs to be a greater emphasis on promoting the service.  Getting the word out will require a joint effort between government, pharmacists and other health care professionals who can refer the service.  A new survey of individuals from British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario who recently completed a medication review found the overwhelming majority (84 per cent) said they heard about the medication review from their

The good news is the same survey found people had an extremely positive experience and would recommend it to others.  One in two surveyed strongly agreed medication reviews are beneficial and the majority (85 per cent) were likely to make medication reviews a regular part of managing their medications and their health.vii  A further 79 per cent said they would recommend medication reviews to others they know who also take prescription medications. viii

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CARP calls for national standards of accessible and affordable health care and in its "One Patient" paper, for the healthcare system to provide a seamless continuum of care that ordinary families can navigate as they take increasingly more responsibility for their post-acute and chronic care needs. Community pharmacists play a vital role in a multi-disciplinary care team especially in preventing adverse drug reactions and interactions – leading preventable causes of serious injury and death among older Canadians.   Please visit for more information.

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